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Your support

When a crime occurs, people and communities are affected by the impact. Not everyone recognises themselves as a ‘victim’ and you may not feel this label refers to you. That’s ok. We want you as a person affected by crime to get the independent support you need regardless of whether or not you report what has happened to the police

Everyone deals with crime and harm in different ways. Sometimes we are affected and sometimes we are not. Sometimes the effects are life changing and other times they are more of an annoyance. Your response to crime is as individual as you. But you are entitled to support regardless of how serious the crime was, or when it happened.  Our support is there to help you to cope and recover from all types of crime in Devon and Cornwall and all of our support is:

Independent of 
the police



Available even if you have not reported the crime to the police

Tailored to
your needs

We also know that you may not feel affected by what has happened to you right now, but that you may change your mind for a number of reasons. You may also have said no to support at first but wish you had said yes later. We understand this and that is why independent support in Devon and Cornwall can be accessed at any time, even if what happened to you was long ago. You can also re-access support, even if you have had support before. We are here for you when you are ready to get help

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