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Criminal justice and you

This interactive resource has been developed on behalf of the Local Criminal Justice Board in partnership with the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner to help you to understand every part of the criminal justice process.

Someone from each of our partner agencies will talk you through their part in your journey, speaking to you as a professional who is directly involved in that area of work.

We have also included some of our partners’ own resources and useful links for contacting the right person and for further reading around each step.

Please choose the mobile version if viewing this resource on a mobile phone or tablet. If you have trouble viewing the videos or are viewing this in a language other than English, you can also view them on our YouTube playlist which includes a choice of 10 subtitle languages. Alternatively, click on the links below to access plain text PDF scripts of each video for use with your own translation software. 

The transcripts as well as a glossary for each video are also available to view on the below links.

Desktop version

Mobile version

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